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Empowered Voices, United Dreams: A Glimpse into the ‘Women Who Inspire’ Power Lunch


When empowered women stand together, there is an undeniably radiant energy that fills the room. It’s this magnetizing aura of unity, ambition, and shared experiences that illuminated the space at the ‘Women Who Inspire’ power lunch last week in NYC.

Hosted by Michele C. Meyer-Shipp, Esq., SHRM-SCP, the astute CEO of Dress for Success® Worldwide, the event became a confluence of narratives that were as empowering as they were enlightening. Special guests Lucy Kaylin, SVP at Hearst Magazines, and Gayle King, the beloved Co-host of CBS Mornings, graced the occasion by sharing their stories. They unfolded tales of their career paths, which were intricately woven with purpose, determination, and a pursuit of meaningful impact.

However, each voice that echoed in the room brought forth a unique story. And being there as Mrs. Universe 2022/23, the Founder and Board Chair of Dress for Success Greater London and Chattanooga, and Ambassador for Dress for Success Singapore, I felt a deep connection and profound appreciation for each narrative. Each woman’s journey was a testament to resilience, ambition, and the myriad ways in which we, as women, navigate through our diverse professional landscapes.

Over 300 attendees came together, a spectacular assembly of corporate executives, thought leaders, media personalities, social influencers, and the remarkable women whom Dress for Success serves. The room pulsated with an amalgam of inspiration and powerful discourses, making it more than just a gathering - it was a celebration of female strength, wisdom, and collaborative success.

What stood out remarkably was the event’s pivotal role in raising critical funds to further the mission of Dress for Success. The organization has been a beacon of support for unemployed and underemployed women across the globe, facilitating their journey towards economic independence through providing a network of support, professional attire, and developmental tools.

This is not just an initiative. It’s a global movement aimed at uplifting and enabling women to carve out their pathways in the professional world, even when the road seems uphill. It’s about collective growth, shared victories, and the powerful symphony that arises when diverse female voices sing in harmony towards a common goal.

Let us all, in our capacities, keep this melody of empowerment resonating. Whether it’s through offering support, becoming a mentor, or contributing to their cause, every action counts.


To discover more about the incredible work Dress for Success does and find out how you can be a part of this empowering journey, visit

The spirit of unity, empowerment, and undeterred pursuit of dreams was fervent at the Women Who Inspire power lunch. As we all stride forward, may we continue to embody these stories of strength, uplift each other, and together, pave the way for a future where every woman is given the stage to let her voice resound in its full, empowered might.



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