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Celebrated Tedx Talk speaker, author, award-winning attorney, and filmmaker Juanita Ingram takes us on an intimate and insightful journey of transformation, resilience, and self-discovery.

Twelve years ago, Juanita made a bold decision to pivot from her flourishing career as a corporate lawyer and relocate across the world to London, Taiwan, and now Singapore with her husband and two young children. What followed was a profound exploration of identity, purpose, and navigating change as a trailing spouse—a term she initially resisted but learned to redefine on her own terms. In this heartwarming and insightful book, Juanita shares her candid experiences of grappling with isolation, the challenges of adapting to a new culture, and the hunger pains of putting her career on pause.

Drawing on her southern roots and the supportive voices of the women in her life, she provides a unique perspective on the questions and uncertainties that come with such a life-altering move. As she navigates the complexities of expat life, Juanita discovers the power of grace, the necessity of asking for help, and the importance of taking a pause to plan and plant seeds for the future. With vulnerability and wisdom, she encourages us to embrace change, leap over life’s gaps with faith, and give ourselves the grace to transform from trailing to trailblazing.

From rekindling her passion for acting, writing, and storytelling, to making history as the first Black woman to win the title of Mrs. Universe 2023, Juanita’s story is a testament to the beauty and joy that awaits on the other side of change.

This book is a must-read for anyone facing change, seeking purpose, or contemplating a move abroad. It’s a reminder that no matter where life takes you, there’s always a way to navigate the gaps and find your way to a brighter, more fulfilled future. Safe travels on your journey navigating change, and remember—mind the gap!

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Navigating Change: Embracing the Unknown and Finding Purpose

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