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Re-define Confidence Re-define Beauty Re-define Success According to the Word of God! If you desire to be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to succeed in life, read Winning With Christ and learn how to find the victory in every experience! This inspirational body of work explores how the author’s long-time relationship with Christ contributed to her numerous and unexpected achievements in life: lawyer and mother, university professor and author, crowned beauty queen and motivational speaker…Juanita Ingram uses her unmatched enthusiasm, along with her sound belief in God, to inspire others to boost their own self-confidence, release the power of a winning self-esteem and gain a positive self-image. Juanita skillfully uses her life experiences to illustrate the application of God’s Word during the our challenging trials and tribulations. This book will quickly guide you to the realization that “all things are possible with God.”

Winning With Christ

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