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Expert Black Expat Shares the Journey of creating the first series showing black life abroad

The Global Chatter Podcast, Ep 64 || Juanita Ingram - "Wait...What's the Drama?"

In this episode, Juanita Ingram, the award-winning attorney, author, and producer of the hit The Expats: the International Ingrams joins the podcast to share her story of determination and grit. She opens up about her decision to step back from a highly successful law career to become a trailing partner and stay at home mother for the first time in a foreign country. She candidly discusses the identity crisis and depression that followed and how she was able to move forward. Juanita also shares why her tv show is absolutely needed and the rocky path it took to getting it launched. -- Contacts: -- The Global Chatter Details: The Black Expat: Follow The Black Expat on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. The Global Chatter: The Global Chatter Partners: Find The Global Chatter wherever you get your podcasts.



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